Friday, February 06, 2009

The world is changing

The world is turning around a full 360 degrees.The recent recession has really hit hard people around the world.I thank GOD each day that i have a job in hand so that i dont have to worry about where my next meal would come from.

I am anguished to hear the tales of the unemployed round the world.It is heart wrenching to see and hear the stories of unemployment.These are tough times for the world ,and i hope things turn around soon,seen here are some of the images which bring tears to my eyes when as i write this blog,i am overwhelmed by the situation

I am sure each one of you would agree with me,please take a moment in trying to imagine yourselves for a moment about these people,it would send a chill down your spine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life is a strange concoction of true lies

It has been quite a while since i sat back and had a deep breath.Life has been hectic since the last 3 years.I do take a break every once in a while and then with an occassional trek every now and then

There has always been crossroads that i have come across umpteen number of times and i am glad my choice each time has lead me to where i am today.Looking back there have been quite a few struggles that i have gone through,there have been testing times when nothing was under control.

Life sometimes can be interesting .There are times when one cant do much ,only sit and watch things unfolding in front of you....Life has made me learn so many lessons in this short period of time.Some good friends have also helped me stand up each time i fell down,i am thankful to them.

Sometimes i wonder is there no place for straight forward people ?It is very difficult to be a "GOOD GUY" ,you will be surely trampled upon by your fellow humans,who are waiting to pounce upon you.One gets a disillusioned seeing all this ,frustrated....but there is nothing i can do ...

I have to walk on in this world ,to be on a path which i have carved for myself,keeping at bay the sharks and dogs who hound you for a piece of bread.I dont know what is the end result of all this ,but surely i hope this would lead to somewhere and something special

The legs ache sometimes ,the heart bleeds,the body shivers but i have to move on ....i have miles to go before i can sleep and miles to go before i can sleep...

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have always been in love with my country for all its positives and the negatives.

Yesterday i was watching a news item on brain drain and stuff.I wondered why does the whole country blame these people.The next generation wants better education -that is a part of the answer

I dont want to debate negatively ,i want to see what can be done positively for the country.Our country has human resource in abundance .Why dont we work towards a simple solution

Why doesnt the Govt make the software engineers to work compulsarily for a year in a Govt Enterprise.I am sure engineers can add value to these Govt enterprise in their own fields.Same is the case with civil ,mechanical engineers and so on.Same is the case with all the other professions.this 1 year stint could be taken up anywhere between 20-40 years of age

This way the country is going to benefit.We need to get productive work out of the Younger generation.We need to have a plan and make the younger generation count.This is the only way our country will prosper.

All the people who think that things cant be forced are wrong.Even the most stubborn person will agree with me when he sees the work he is doing will benefit the country.Ofcourse this has to be supported by strong guidelines and procedures.

Believe me ,if this happens we can all turn things around.It is time we all put up our hands for our country -INDIA


Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am eagerly waiting for the monsoons to arrive,this year the monsoon is reported to hit the kerala coast by the 1st of june.It is one of my favourite seasons,i just cant wait anymore :)


Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have thought quite deeply before making this post
Elections are around in Karnataka.I am really sad with the sad state of affairs.
Even after 60 years of independence the basic issues of elections 1)Food 2)Shelter 3)Roads 4)Water 5)Sanitation.
Common guys give me a break.Where is all the tax money going ?.What sort of democracy do we have ? Is this the way democracy is run.The same money for votes stuff,arrack,liquor,sarees being distributed,reservation,free power,waiving off loans -ridiculous stuff.
I think it is high time we need to bring a legislation wherein a law is made to make sure that "x" amount of money is for x purpose in a 5 year tenure and we need results,if the work is not upto the mark we need to try these people in courts ,dont you think so ?We need to make sure that the party in rule does the basic minimum agreed upon development activities
I mean how can you waive off Rs 60,000 crores?This is tax payers money.If you are so much bothered about farmers please do it proactively .I am not against farmers.I am sure not many farmers will be benfitted from this.Besides farmers need help in the first place ,help them with kisan loans ,give them loans at subsidised rates,there are no free lunches remember.
Our country can never become a singapore or a beijing if it goes on like this.Take the example of trains ,the rail minister has laid railways lines for his native village ,quite atrocious.There needs to be all round development .Set aside some money for each state irrespective of the state and start developing it .Even if we had taken one state and developed train lines for a full year ,we would have developed each state twice with full connevity by now ,this i am talking about the worst case scenario.
Something is seriously wrong ,we were better off under dictators than seeing our country being ruined by the idiotic spineless politicians.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I SAW DEATH .......................

This incident happened on the 20th july 2006 at around 10 am.I was travelling from leh to manali in the local travel union bus.The driver was driving really recklessly.our bus overturned just 5kms from Tanglang la.Taglang La, elevation 17,582 feet (5,359 m)[1], is a high mountain pass in Ladakh, India.It is the second highest motorable mountain pass in India[2] after Khardung La and is reached via 21 Gata loops

The bus was at a high speed and hit a boulder by the road side and the axle broke.
Had the bus overturned near to Tanglang la,probably nobody could have even found our bodies.I was the only Indian on board the bus.Neither the driver or the conductor came to ur help.A scorpio and some army trucks helped us out of the bus. They(driver and conductor) didnt even bother about us.Some passing civilian trucks namely one mahindra pick up and one tata truck stopped and offered us to drop us till the neareast army post PANG.I was the sole communicator and the sole INDIAN on this bus trying to pacify all the foreigners and my co-passengers thought that i was the bus operator :(.

I explained to them that i was also a passenger and was just trying to help them.At Pang about 5 kms from the accident spot people were afraid to get down from the trucks to get medical aid thinking that they would loose the only transport they have.I managed to explain them that the army doctors are as good as anybody and the trucks would wait.One by one everyone came .One lady from france had almost 7-8 stitches done on her legs and hands.then army guys had problems with the accent and i managed to translate the stuff to the army guys.I would to specially thank the Captain Varindar and his colleagues for having treated each one of the injured in a timely manner.i am really proud of my country and of our armed forces.

The conductor by now came to the army post .He was least bothered about any of us .He promised that we would get a bus from manali on the next day morning but none of that was true.To insult me more and rub salt into my wounds he asked me money to pay the truck drivers.I flatly refused.All this while we were promised by the bus driver that there would be a bus that would arrive from Manali to pick us up.We were neither given any sort of medical help/support/transport to overcome the accident.There was no FIRST-AID BOX in the bus.

By evening we reached a checkpoint beyond which we were not allowed to go since the roads are closed after 6 pm by the army.There was a huge commotion since there was no food ,no accomadation anywhere in sight.I mean the foreigners ,i dont blame them for the fiasco but we need to find a way out of this situation and the only way is to figure out how to do it

By now our Good samaritan friends who allowed us to hitch hike said they wanted to leave since ppl were creating problems .Point is he had to reach a point beyond manali and he wanted to hit the road,but there was no way he could do that since the road was closed for the day,i managed to appease them and negotitate that we leave early tomm morning.We finally managed to get some accomadation in one of the tents which were quite decent with all facilities.

I didnt have a single meal on that day and my first meal for the day was the dinner :(.
Some ppl next day did manage some other means of transport ,but as promised i left with the remaining ppl and we left the checkpoint to reach manali by 6pm,boy i couldnt beleive what I did,one stupendous journey,a journey which almost was my last journey.

I also want to thank the truck drivers for dropping us till manali in the end,although they took some money from the conductor but none from any passengers.It was back breaking journey that all the passengers had to undergo because of the callousness of the bus operators.To top it all ,people started saying that this can happen only in India.This one sentence has really bought me more pain than what trauma i have gone through.But I had nothing to defend my country.I cant beleive that i travelled 350 kms in one of the toughest terrains in a Goods carrier

Believe me when you stare at Death ,your basic instincts take over.For me personally I thought it was all over and i thought I am dead the moment the bus fell ,since moments before i saw the ravines at 17,800 feet.Call it sheer luck i am here alive and kicking.The shock and the feeling at the moment is something i simply can put in words.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not well

I have not keeping well for the past couple of days .I am down with a strange bout of fever and stomach ache ,which due to some strange reason keeps occuring in tandem one after the other .

Thankfully tommorow is a May day(Labour day in India) :) and this humble hardworking ,sincere Normal guy can recover in sometime .